Friday, March 14, 2008

Three days and counting..but will there be room at the Inn for us?

Emily Sailing**************Sarah Elizabeth and Joseph***Love this picture! I am holding Joseph, Emily is on the far right and Sarah Elizabeth is in the fore ground. The others in this photo are two other famililes that were staying at the Ronald McDonald House. I love the sheer joy between Mom and daughter in this photo!
I spoke to Nancy at Ronald McDonald House today. Still do not know if there is room for us at the House. Nancy said that they have had to turn families away left and right. Please pray that we get in. Otherwise I am uncertain what we will do. Nancy suggested that I contact the social worker at Children's Hospital to see if they can assist in anyway.

I did inquire about the Hertiage Sailing Program the are no trips scheduled while during our time in Seattle. Sarah Elizabeth and Emily are soooooooo bummed. That was one of the highlights of our trip last summer.
Keep your fingers crossed we get good news on Monday.

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