Saturday, March 29, 2008

Freemont Troll

This a must tourist spot! The girls love to climb all over the Troll. Joseph loves the Troll (he refers to it as the monster) but he still is not sure about it. The Freemont Troll is made from concret. Several artist created the Troll. In one hand he holds a old VW. His eye is made from a hubcap. The other hand makes him look like he is crawling out from under the Aura Bridge.

Easter gather with the Swisher Family

1) Sarah is pouting because she got the least amount of candy, good gravy! El's bag was twice as big~glad I do not have to take her to the dentist.
2) Grand Dame, Lorraine Swisher
3) found Sarah Swisher's cookie monster and mail box. He was set for the day. He was having so much fun he did not want to hunt for eggs. When Guitar Hero was brought out boy did that catch his attention. Janet did a great job for a beginner! (Did I sound sincere enough?!) LOL
Yea, Yea, whatever! Janet's favorite bi-line~

Easter Morning

The Easter Bunny came to visit at the Ronald McDonald House! Emily was so excited to see her basket from home. She could not believe that I had kept it hidden from her for a week! :0) She asked if I had anything else hidden she should know about! LOL
They got way too much candy, loved their movies (Sarah received Enchanted, Emily received Mr. Mongorium's Emporium and Joseph received Blues Biggest Stories).

OMGolly a two story Target!

I asked Janet to take me to Target to do a little shopping. She took me to the most awesome Target ever! It had two stories and when you went up the escalator your buggy had a special conveyor that rode beside you. WAY COOL!

OK, OK, I know I sound like country that came to town but man it was fun!

OH, about the shirt that Janet is wearing. The SLUT stands for the South Lake Union Transit. It is a big joke in Seattle. The city officials have had to change this trolley's name several times because of the acronyms people have come up with! Jeff loves his shirt and wears it with pride. Some people! Janet actually had someone come up to her in Target and flip out when they saw her shirt wanting to know where they to could get one. The little coffee shop is called KaPOW! A little hole in the wall coffee shop. The owners said they have had people from all over the world order or stop by and purchase shirts. :0)

Old friends

Gathering with old high school friends and with the great water fighter, Ben. Left to right Ron, (Russ's partner)Russ, Woody (in the back), Dennis, Barbara, Janet, Hunter the dog and me. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up. It is amazing how you can be a part from someone for years and then meet up again and act like time never separated you.
Ben and I once teamed up against Janet in a great water fight~guess who won! :-)

My all time FAVORITE PLACE in the whole wide world!

The view from Kerry Park is stunning. It is one of the best places to view the beautiful emerald city. If it is a very clear day and Mt. Rainer can be seen, bonus!

Ferry Boat Ride

Because Whidbey is an island we got to ride the ferry! The kids were so excited~ it was short ride but stunning views. Man was it cold!!!!!! This was the first time the kids had ever riden inside. Jeff prefers it this way. Much calmer and warmer. :-)

Whidbey Island

Where are we? We hit a major detour due to an accident but driver Jan knows her game. I do not think there is anywhere she does not know about or how to get there!

Driving across Whidbey Island was long! But again the views were beautiful. I threw this last picture in from Deception pass because I ran out of room int he entry! We crossed this bridge before we got to the beach.

Deception Pass

"Oh gorgeous. Wish you were here" Meg Ryan said in the movie French Kiss. I think that applies here as well. This was a stunning area that offered camping with an amazing view. I took lots of pictures of fauna that I look forward to identifying with the help of the girls. Who said you cannot home school on your vacation!

Lunch by the Puget Sound

It was a very crisp day but we did not want to miss the chance to have a picnic by the Sound. The tide was out and Sarah was about to die to get in the water.......can you say hypothermia?

The cranes and heron's were searching for lunch. Was this not a beautiful place to stop for lunch?

Daffodil fields

Emily's favorite color is .....YELLOW. She was so excited to see thousands and thousands of daffodils. She said that she never dreamed she would ever see so much yellow in one place! Hard to believe that in a week or so they will cut all these beautiful flowers to make way for tulips.
Look at the snow on the mountains. It has just snowed a few days before. I think this area is called Mt. Vernon.

Snow geese

The Cascade Mtns were a beautiful backdrop for those crazy snow geese. There were thousands of them. Everytime a few would take off or land, the others would fly in a circle and land again. I tried to zoom in as far as my camera would allow. Sorry the pictures are not closer. The small white specs are the geese in flight.