Thursday, March 13, 2008

The count down has begun to Seattle!

This time next week we will be in Seattle and Joseph's big MRI will be over. I am starting to get excited and then I get a little overwhelmed.....typical of me. I am trying so hard this time not to wait till the last mintue and stay up all night to pack and get everyones things together. This is what I usually do!

I am not too sure how I am going to help Mr. Easter Bunny find us in Seattle. I had thought about pre-shopping and bringing things with us because I will not have transportation or any real time to shop. Hmmm..will need tothink about this one.

Neil called tonight and asked me to teach Lilly how to make fried chicken one night while we are there! What a compliment. I hope Mom is smiling down on me. I will never be able to make it as good as she did. I do make good milk gravy though! Golly I miss my Mom. (Deep, Deep sigh)

I wish Mom was here to help keep me strong when the days are hard. To travel to and from Seattle with me. What fun we wouldhave reliving all the places she and my Stepfather explored when we lived there and to hold my hand when we meet the neurosurgeons. Telling me everyhting will be ok and to stay strong. I know she is with me in spirit but you know some days that is just not good enough.

Well that is enough sadness and pity party for one day. Instead I am going ot go watch Sleepless in Seattle, my all time favorite movie. This is one pf the many pictures I have from when we went sailing last summer on Lake Union. :0) Golly I cannot wait to get there!

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