Monday, November 29, 2010

Joseph Steps

Drum roll please: This is a big one~ Joseph can now take his 7-8 daily pills with water or juice! This is huge!

When he was little he took his medication sprinkles with soy yogurt. It got to the point that he could no longer deal with the horrid taste of "sprinkles". (medication that was grounded up and placed in capsule form)
So we moved to baby food with pills. Joseph has had texture issues for years. I was really worried about this change. After a few days he was taking his medication like a champion. This lasted for 2 years.

About a week ago Seattle got socked in with a very unexpected snow and ice storm. We ran out baby food. He need his medication. I remembered that Joseph had taken a very small pill at the hospital with out any problems. What the heck I thought, might as well give it a try. He needed his medication or he could have a seizure. I handed him a pill and a glass of juice. He looked at the pill, stuck in his mouth and I encouraged him to take a drink. I handed him another pill. he popped it in his mouth, and took a drink. Next thing I know Joseph REACHED for the remaining pills and took them! In the morning same thing but this time he did not need encouragement to take his medication or to drink! Wahooooooo!

 He still will play the game of running away so that he does not take his medicine, but now comes back quicker pops several in his mouth at a time and takes a slug of water, just like a pro!

I am so proud of Joseph! Keep on taking those Joseph steps~ Love you.

Thanksgiving with some Black Friday Shopping thrown in

Sweet potato casserole
This Thanksgiving was the first year we have ever prepared our meal as a gluten free and casein free. It was wonderful. There were not that many changes to our main stay menu and those that we did were really not that difficult.
Gluten free stuffing
Heather's Pumpkin Pie
The corn pudding I made completely from scratch, rather than using canned creamed corn. I made our traditional southern 7 cup salad with plain soy yogurt instead of sour creme. I made 2 stuffings. One was gluten free and the other was not. Jeff made yummy gluten free gravy. He liked it just the same! Heather the Queen of baking taught herself how to make a pie crust from scratch as well as the pumpkin. The pie was out of this world. Everyone pitched in and our dinner turned out great!
On a side note: I do not recommend to cook a large dinner after 9 hours of black Friday shopping and no sleep. I was too exhausted to enjoy all the cooking.

Speaking of Black Friday my friend Harley's Life with 3 boys blog has a terrific gift giveaway: .
Rained all night, sometimes pouring.

Our entire time waiting to get into Kohl's was spent in the pouring rain. We made some new friends though and got some great deals. Was it worth standing in line? Not this year. Quality time spent with Sarah Elizabeth, yes!

Oh well! It would not be Seattle in the winter if it was not raining and besides it all worked out in the wash. I ended up scoring 2 nicer gifts at Target and for less $$! Ca-Ching! Still have several presents to get and then I am finished. Sarah Elizabeth is an amazing shopper. She goes through the ads, then draws a layout of the store. Plans our attack, then we are outta there!

It is my hope that you and your had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know we did. The best part of Thanksgiving was having Heather here with us for the first time in over 3 years! <3

Friday, November 12, 2010


Fall has come as with the cooler weather. Layering of clothing is a necessity these days. The cooler mornings yield to warmer afternoons. The trees are lovely in their full glory. School is in full session and the days are flying quicker than I would like. Before the clocks were turned back is was dark by 4:30 pm, A sign of things to come when winter casts it spell of short days and early darkness.
Steve and Sarah Elizabeth.

I am late posting about Halloween but I could not let it go with out posting a few pictures of our fireman  
(Joseph), Artist (Emily), tree spirit (Heather), Prince Charming (Steve) and Sarah Elizabeth.
Seriously Heather, texting while trick-or-treating?

Trick or treat was so much fun this year because Heather was able to join us and Sarah Elizabeth's boyfriend Steve. Trick or treating starts at 6pm and usually last till the candy is gone or about 9ish pm. This year Seattle was chosen for a 2nd year in a row as the Best place to trick or treat in the county! We thought that was way cool. We went into the City to the outer area of one of the neighborhoods suggested. Oh my golly the kids bags were so heavy that Joseph could not carry his! One house even gave out a treat to all the parents~Margareta's! Wahooo!!!! Nothing like being tipsy in a dark neighborhood your unfamiliar with. :0)

We headed back to our neck of the woods after about an hour. Joseph was tired and told me, " I NEEEEED TO SIT DOWN!" When arrived home I took Joseph around the complex and the older kids went to a neighborhood down the road. We timed it great and were all back in about an hour. They said they would have good farther but their bags were to heavy!

Bear and Heather start a fire.
After grabbing a snack and hot cocoa, it was time to get down to some serious business! Just as all kids do there major wheeling and dealing of candy! It never ceases to amaze me how fast this goes. There was candy flying everywhere. In the end I think everyone was happy with their lot.
A Dentist's worse nightmare.
Heather has her loot all neatly organized.

I was a bit worried about Emily eating candy before I could google it and make sure it was GFCF. After everything legal was identified the kids traded with her and she ended up with a fair amount. This made her very happy. Then the discussion of what to do with all the extra candy. They decided to donate it to the food bank. I kept a bunch to use in stockings we would give away to friends and teacher's at Xmas. Unfortunately there is a mouse in our house and most of that candy disappeared in days. :0(
NO! I am NOT going to give any of it up!

The food bank was so appreciative of all the candy the kids donated. It was almost half of a pillow case! They plan on using the candy for the children's stockings at Christmas.

Too pretty for Halloween.

Gimmie the goods and nobody gets hurt!

Hope that there were no tricks pulled on you and that you had a very Happy Halloween!