Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joseph steps

As parent we always marvel at the milestone our children achieve. When they take their first steps, first lost tooth, slept through the night, etc. Joseph has taught us that even the smallest of things that we normally over look or take for granted is important. Being the fourth child I must admit I might not have noticed as much when he started sleeping through the night as I did with our first born or even second born. I might not have paid attention to when he learned to hop or draw on the sidewalk with chalk.

I try not to make too of a big deal when Joseph achieves a new task or makes a new milestone.
But today was different. I saw it the other day and kept my fingers crossed hoping it would happen again. Last night it happened again. Joseph emptied the silverware from the dishwasher into the drawer! He needed a little help but did not scream or yell when asked to help! Today I asked him to get out the peanut butter by telling him which cabinet it was located in. I then asked for a knife. So far so good. Just for the heck of it I asked if he would like to spread the peanut butter on the bread. "Yes!" By golly he did it!!!!! He needed just a little help with spreading but he did it by George. :0)

Instead of calling them baby steps I like to call them Joseph steps. So I will gladly take one Joseph step at a time not matter how long the long the distance is between. :0)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Delusions of Grandeur Slept In My Head

Delusions of Grandeur Slept In My Head

Why is it that children can adjust to time differences and jet lag better than adults?
While in WV my girlfriend would come over every day just a little earlier and earlier to help us adjust to the time difference and start working on the house earlier each day. I could have easily slept till 12 or even 1pm each day no problem. Our days would not have been as productive and I sure my girlfriend would no longer be my friend! Joseph~ his little body senses light outside translating not matter the time it is time to get up! Good thing we do not live in Alaska.
Upon arriving back in Seattle exhausted, I looked forward to settling back in to the 3 hour time difference. Thinking how tired everyone was that I would get to sleep in. Joseph had stayed up late and the prospects looked good.
Boy was I delusional! At 6am I was awakened to the CHIMES of “We’re hungry!” by Emily and Joseph. I am informed proudly by Emily that she had been up since 5am. Wasn’t I glad she let me sleep in?

Country Roads

For the  last week and a half the kids and I have been back in West Virginia. Not a trip of leisure that is for sure. The purpose of this trip was to pack up our house of 15 years and prepare it for a new family. We are not selling our home but renting our home so that we can continue to be close to Seattle Children's.
I never dreamed how over come with emotions I would be coming back to Charleston! I miss our home. I miss seeing the hash marks on the linen closet door marking the growth of the children over the years. I miss watching the kids catching lightening bugs. I miss Tudor's BiscuitsFirst Watch our Church family and our dear friends. WV is a beautiful State full of wonderful, kind folk. The kind that wave when you drive by their car, and bring you a yummy dish when you have a life event.
This year if all goes right Sarah Elizabeth will graduate from high school a year early. She plans to go to Marshall University. She misses snow, the mountains and the beautiful fall leaves.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love living in Seattle. It is hard when your heart belongs in 2 places. If I were Queen we would transplant our friends and house to Seattle everything would be perfect! But I am not and I can't! So for now I will enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Northwest while I can and dream of the country roads that one day will take me home.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two years in Seattle!

It is appropriate that I start to blog again. Two years ago Joseph had spinal surgery~ actually it was called de-tethering of the spinal cord. Basically Tethered Cord Syndrome is related to spinal bifida on the inside. July 29th, marks the two year date of us officially living in Seattle. The two previous months, June and July, we had stayed at the Ronald McDonald House my children correct me! :0)

Earlier this spring we really thought we were moving back to WV. Jeff was still unemployed and at that moment in time Joseph was stable. We wavered back and forth for more than two month, then God revealed His plan. We were staying in Seattle. How it all was going to work out we had no idea! Shortly thereafter Jeff secured full time employment and Joseph’s seizures returned.
Next week the children and I are going on a bittersweet trip to West Virginia. We are excited that we will be able to visit with friends and family. But the main purpose of our trip is to pack up our house and place it into storage. Renters have been found and will move in July 31st. It is great to know that a new baby will be in the nursery and our house will once again become a home. But it is just weird thinking of someone else living there. Don't get me wrong I love that the house will be a home again but it will not be our home. The girls are having a lot of feelings of trepidation. I think deep down I do as well.
Yesterday Heather flew to WV to hang out with her girlfriend, Chelsea and go to the beach. She said it was weird that she was going to WV for vacation! Yet way cool that she can now call Seattle her home. I think that after this trip to WV the girls will feel the same way. We have had our lives on hold for the past two years. We have been staying here over the past two years but I think it is time to live here. I will always be from WV but I live in Seattle!