Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joseph steps

As parent we always marvel at the milestone our children achieve. When they take their first steps, first lost tooth, slept through the night, etc. Joseph has taught us that even the smallest of things that we normally over look or take for granted is important. Being the fourth child I must admit I might not have noticed as much when he started sleeping through the night as I did with our first born or even second born. I might not have paid attention to when he learned to hop or draw on the sidewalk with chalk.

I try not to make too of a big deal when Joseph achieves a new task or makes a new milestone.
But today was different. I saw it the other day and kept my fingers crossed hoping it would happen again. Last night it happened again. Joseph emptied the silverware from the dishwasher into the drawer! He needed a little help but did not scream or yell when asked to help! Today I asked him to get out the peanut butter by telling him which cabinet it was located in. I then asked for a knife. So far so good. Just for the heck of it I asked if he would like to spread the peanut butter on the bread. "Yes!" By golly he did it!!!!! He needed just a little help with spreading but he did it by George. :0)

Instead of calling them baby steps I like to call them Joseph steps. So I will gladly take one Joseph step at a time not matter how long the long the distance is between. :0)

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