Saturday, August 7, 2010

Country Roads

For the  last week and a half the kids and I have been back in West Virginia. Not a trip of leisure that is for sure. The purpose of this trip was to pack up our house of 15 years and prepare it for a new family. We are not selling our home but renting our home so that we can continue to be close to Seattle Children's.
I never dreamed how over come with emotions I would be coming back to Charleston! I miss our home. I miss seeing the hash marks on the linen closet door marking the growth of the children over the years. I miss watching the kids catching lightening bugs. I miss Tudor's BiscuitsFirst Watch our Church family and our dear friends. WV is a beautiful State full of wonderful, kind folk. The kind that wave when you drive by their car, and bring you a yummy dish when you have a life event.
This year if all goes right Sarah Elizabeth will graduate from high school a year early. She plans to go to Marshall University. She misses snow, the mountains and the beautiful fall leaves.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love living in Seattle. It is hard when your heart belongs in 2 places. If I were Queen we would transplant our friends and house to Seattle everything would be perfect! But I am not and I can't! So for now I will enjoy the wonders of the Pacific Northwest while I can and dream of the country roads that one day will take me home.

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