Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take Home Country Roads

So much happened since Mid-May! Heather has left Spain to Miami, Orlando, Ashville, North Carolina, Huntington, West Virginia, Indiana, and Ohio. She has been gathering research for her graduate assistant position. She says she has been learning so much and grown spiritual and physically beyond her wild dreams. My heart just soars knowing that this time in her life has been so positive. You always worry about your children no matter what age if they are happy, safe and healthy. :0)

July 18th Heather will come out to see us. I cannot wait! She will be back in time time to help us move, spend sometime with Leah and maybe, just maybe we can squeeze in some camping. In August it is back to Huntington where she will start working on her Master of Sociology full time. She is praying that she will receive a part time graduate assistant position. It will pay for her tuition which is awesome.
So now your up to date!
Next up....the rest of the family news. <3