Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When one leaves the nest.

On Thursday a new chapter begins in Heather's life. After living with us almost a year she will spread her wings and fly to Spain. She is so excited! If you had told her this time last month that she would living in Spain she would have thought you had lost your brains! Two weeks ago she would have thought you were crazy~ but in less than 48 hours she will be going to the Southern Coast of Spain.

Her girlfriend Leah left a month ago to be part of a work exchange. Several weeks later the offer arose to join her. Leah is working on a horse ranch. She is living in a villa that over looks the sea. Her host family is a single Swedish mom and her 2 children.

Two weeks later they will move to another farm for a month. In between each move they will have a week to explore Spain. They are hoping to visit Portugal, France and maybe Germany. This will certainly be a whirl wind few months!

At the end of May, Heather will be state side. Her next journey will find her traveling around Appalachia. She has a graduate assistance position work withing her mentor in Sociology. I do not quite understand what she will be doing other than having an amazing time~!

Keep her in your thoughts to be safe, healthy and happy. Maybe occasionally she will end post a few pictures!