Monday, September 6, 2010

Last week of summer

Summer vacation is over.Rather than just chilling and enjoy these last days of laziness, we crammed more than I would have liked that is for sure. Monday and Tuesday were all about Dr. appts for Jeff and I. Our insurance through Washington State ended so we were trying to squeeze in everything we could. I met Joseph's new epileptologist on Wednesday then met with his psychologist at the autism center on Thursday.

Took Emily and Sarah Elizabeth to see Eclipse. We went to my favorite movie theater, The Crest. All shows are $3. Now there is a deal! They more than make up for it in popcorn, drinks and candy. Now there is a racket.
Emily thinks she is such the big shot since she has been allowed to see this movie! She also began reading the first book in the series. She has carried the book around like a trophy. I have said no to her for quite some time in being part of Twilight. She cannot get over that I have finally give in. :0)

On Thursday we went to the Sam, Seattle Art Museum. The first Thursday of each month is free museum day. We have tried to go for so long but it seems that something always gets in the way, but not this time. We were able to catch the last week for the Kurt Cobain and Andy Warhol exhibits. The Cobain exhibit looked at the rise and fall of his career leading up to his suicide and the impact he still makes on people today. My favorite was a silent film where an artist could hear the music but we could not. She dance to a Nirvana song and Gloria Gainer, "I will survive". It showed the difference in style of dance the music created. Nirvana was free flowing and the other was force full and more stiff.
 The older daughter enjoyed the Andy Warhol exhibit. She felt that the photos were free spirited and enjoyed the mixed media his art work was presented. There was an interactive exhibit called the Andy Warhol Wall of Us. An old photo booth was available for you to have your picture taken, You could then choice one of the four pictures and add it the wall. We are now part of the exhibit!
The Quileute nation exhibit was beautiful. With all the attention that has been given from the Twilight Saga the Nation wanted to get "their story" told. Not only are they spirit wolves but whales as well. Head pieces, jewelery, clothing and a video in their own words was on display. I am so glad that we got to see this not because of Twilight but it is a rich part of Washington State.
I was surprised that Joseph enjoyed the museum as much as he did. He pointed out to pieces and made comments about them. These 2 were his favorites.
On Friday we braved the crowds and went to my favorite store: Target! Keep me away from those dollar bins. School supply shopping was the name of the game. I am proud to say I stuck to my guns and did not stray. The older daughter on the other hold did not stick to the plan. She found tights in every color imaginable. I had to restrain her from spending ALL her babysitting $$.  She loves tights and is quite proud of her collection. :0)
We did spent the week-end very laid-back as it should be. Oh did I mention Jeff bought me a van an Friday for my birthday?!
 I hope that you have had a great Labor Day week=end. :0) ~blair

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