Monday, November 29, 2010

Joseph Steps

Drum roll please: This is a big one~ Joseph can now take his 7-8 daily pills with water or juice! This is huge!

When he was little he took his medication sprinkles with soy yogurt. It got to the point that he could no longer deal with the horrid taste of "sprinkles". (medication that was grounded up and placed in capsule form)
So we moved to baby food with pills. Joseph has had texture issues for years. I was really worried about this change. After a few days he was taking his medication like a champion. This lasted for 2 years.

About a week ago Seattle got socked in with a very unexpected snow and ice storm. We ran out baby food. He need his medication. I remembered that Joseph had taken a very small pill at the hospital with out any problems. What the heck I thought, might as well give it a try. He needed his medication or he could have a seizure. I handed him a pill and a glass of juice. He looked at the pill, stuck in his mouth and I encouraged him to take a drink. I handed him another pill. he popped it in his mouth, and took a drink. Next thing I know Joseph REACHED for the remaining pills and took them! In the morning same thing but this time he did not need encouragement to take his medication or to drink! Wahooooooo!

 He still will play the game of running away so that he does not take his medicine, but now comes back quicker pops several in his mouth at a time and takes a slug of water, just like a pro!

I am so proud of Joseph! Keep on taking those Joseph steps~ Love you.

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