Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Blessings to you and your family!

Rejoice for HE has risen!

What a wonderful and joyous day! We spent our Easter with the Swisher Clan. What fun! We drove down to Rainer Valley and had a yummy brunch at Kris and Thom's house. The kids played up stairs while hundreds of eggs were scattered all over the main level of the house. The weather would not cooperate so outside was not an option. It was so windy that the sidewalks look like it had snowed from all the cherry blossoms.

Later in the afternoon several of the older "kids" tried our hand at guitar hero (who knew Sarah Elizabeth was so good!) and Joseph freaked out when it was his turn! He LOVED it. He really got a kick out of watching Peter and Kris "rock out" the songs. The younger kids at heart watched the movie Enchanted. What a sappy many Disney movie scenes can you count? You have to be quick on your toes for some. ;0)

When we arrived back at the RMH Easter Dinner was just winding down. Some serious good eats were had....ham, salad, green beans, home made rolls and deserts. (no the rolls were not as good as our Church ladies make). So it is safe to say it today was a serious eating fest!
At the end of the day the sun came out, the clouds cleared and the sunset over the mountains in such majestic beauty.
Happy Easter!

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