Saturday, March 29, 2008

OMGolly a two story Target!

I asked Janet to take me to Target to do a little shopping. She took me to the most awesome Target ever! It had two stories and when you went up the escalator your buggy had a special conveyor that rode beside you. WAY COOL!

OK, OK, I know I sound like country that came to town but man it was fun!

OH, about the shirt that Janet is wearing. The SLUT stands for the South Lake Union Transit. It is a big joke in Seattle. The city officials have had to change this trolley's name several times because of the acronyms people have come up with! Jeff loves his shirt and wears it with pride. Some people! Janet actually had someone come up to her in Target and flip out when they saw her shirt wanting to know where they to could get one. The little coffee shop is called KaPOW! A little hole in the wall coffee shop. The owners said they have had people from all over the world order or stop by and purchase shirts. :0)

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