Friday, March 28, 2008

Sometimes depending on others really stinks!

Sarah Elizabeth and Emily had eye appointments in Bellevue. The van was 45 minutes late picking us up from the RMH. Luckily I had compensated for travel and traffic. We arrived a whopping 5 minutes before their appointments. The good news is that Dr. Baran confirmed that Emily's headaches are not caused by eye issues and that the same is true for Sarah that her chiari is also not causing any issues! Praise God!

We were in and out of their appointments in less than an hour! We called guest services for a ride at 10:30 am. After numerous calls back to guest services and being told that a) they could not contact the drive, or b) he would be there in 10 minutes. We were finally picked up at 1:20 pm. The explanation was that he was running late and that someone had us scheduled for a 12:30 pickup. Oh, did I tell you that they picked us up in a 5 passenger vehicle? Joseph had to sit on Sarah's lap to/from Dr. Baran's office.

Next we went to see the Hutch School in anticipation of Emily and Sarah attending school in the fall. The return trip for guest services would be a two hours wait time. We took the van over to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Building. From there a shuttle would take us to Children's hospital and then a van to the RMH. We missed the Children's bus 4 times because it was not marked as Children's Hospital! But on a good note: there were ladies in the lobby teaching a knitting class. The girls and I learned how to knit. Emily has issues with the yarn getting majorly tangled, yikes! I love knitting. Who knew it was so easy!

We finally made it back to RMH just in time to meet Janet and Barbara for dinner at another of my favorite haunts, Steamers. Yum, more clam chowder! Janet and Barbara surprised the kids and took them to the waterfront to ride the indoor carousel and play arcade games.

Long day, great evening! Tomorrow is our last day. (sniff, sniff ) Our plans at this point are to take the kids to the zoo. I feel horrible. I have yet to get a chance to see my dear friend Neil and met his new wife Lilly. We knew that this would be a trip with a lot of medical appointments but never dreamed to ER visits and two of three kids with stomach viruses. I sure hope he understands. He is a kind man, I know he will. Besides when we come back it will be for a long stretch.

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