Friday, May 6, 2011

Back in the US, back in the US back in the USA!

After a much anticipate return to the States Leah and Heather landed in Miami! The girls spent a few days and were to travel to the keys to work on a salt farm. Poor Leah and Heather received nasty burns to their shoulders. She blistered and was unable to carry her backpack. They were bummed but ended up staying with Heather's Aunt Andrea in Orlando. Andrea nursed Leah and Heather back to travel mode. But not before she spoiled them and they spent days in the pool! Thank you Andrea :0)
Their next stop found them in Ashville, NC. Working on an organic herb farm. Over the river and through the woods rural farm. They had a great time learning to cultivate herbs and attended the Ashville Herb festival.
Western North Carolina Farmer's Market Spring Herb Festival! Check out that 15 year old ginseng plant!

Heather has a little twang in her voice again and said she liked very much the vibes she has gotten while in NC. The girls have a couple of weeks left before Heather needs to be in WV. This summer she has a graduate research position. She will be traveling all over the Appalachia's gathering data. Leah will be heading back to WA soon to go to horse camp followed by getting ready to attend college in Colorado.
No moss grows under these girls feet!

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