Friday, May 13, 2011

Heather update

If you are having trouble keeping up with where is Heather, do not feel bad! I too am having trouble! Last month has found her in North Carolina outside of Ashville. She has absolutely loved NC and would love to settle there she thinks. She has worked on a herb farm and stayed with a family that was just setting up their farm. Lots of heavy and hard work. She said it feel so great to be able to know that she has made an impact on this family in the years to come.
Heather and Leah have met up with their friend D that is from Spain. He attends school in the states. They are currently at Dollywood! Heather is hoping to met up with another friend and spending a few days at the beach and then D.C. This should put her in West Virginia by the end of the month. Golly I hope that I have this right!
She will still be traveling but this time she will be gathering research information for her Grad positioned @ Marshall University. But by then she will have an address and phone where I can contact her. I have so missed her companionship. We all have but what an amazing chapter in her life this has been. God has blessed her and those that she has met along the way. If only we should all be so Blessed to serve.
Stay turned for more updates on where's Heather!

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