Saturday, April 2, 2011

Having the time of our lives!

"Repelling down a cliff face next to a 10th century church, exploring a castle, partying at the discotec, hiking to the top of a waterfall, sunset with the roof down zooming down the highway, having the time of my life.I´ve never felt this way before!"
                                                          Leah's latest facebook post.

It blows my mind that Heather and Leah are on this adventure! I love hearing what they are doing and where they have been. What a magical time for them. Some people must wait their whole life to experience the things these girls have, especially with all of Heather's travel. When Heather suggested a few years ago that she wanted to take a year off between Undergrad and Grad School, I told her, "No go straight through or you might never go on." I am so glad that she did not take my advice! She has learned and experienced so much that a classroom could have never offered. IS that not one of the reasons we home school?

The girls are now on vacation in Barcelona. Both Heather and Leah have friends that live there. The original plan was to head to France next week. But Leah's VISA runs out earlier than planned. So they will be jetting off to Miami next week. Instead of Waldo, it is now Where in the world is Heather?!

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