Thursday, May 22, 2008

Six days and counting till moving to Seattle

First I must apologize for not posting in awhile. As you can imagine, things are quite crazy around here. We are now down to 6 days and counting till we move to Seattle!

Several things have changed since I last posted.

** The kids and I were driving cross country. I developed an infection in my leg and had to have surgery to help it heal. Because I am diabetic it has not been healing as it should so the surgeon does not want me to drive cross country. So now thanks to Miracle Flight, we are flying to Seattle Thursday, May 29Th.

I do better updating Joseph's caring page than I am here. Make sure you stop over there for better details.

**Jeff is now coming with us! I know, several of you said to be patient that he would come, and you were right! Praise God! I just could not imagine making this move cross country without him.

** Miracle Flight was able to make flight arrangements for us. We are going by the way of Grandma's barn. We fly from Charleston to Cleveland, Cleveland to Newark. and Newark to Seattle. Joseph is not going to be the only one exhausted!

**We will not know if there will be space for us at the Ronald Mc Donald House until Wednesday afternoon. They have been turning families away right and left we have been told. please keep your fingers crossed!

Well. it is back packing and tackling Mt. Washmore. The hard I try to get to the top, I find another load of laundry lurking in the corners, and hiding around the house! :0)

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Mom of the Fantactic Four said...

I really like the pictures. Please keep them coming!

<3 Heather