Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shall we dance?

Just had to share tonight was Emily's 1st school dance! I still cannot believe it, my little baby girl. Yesterday was spent shopping our brains out! Emily was so proud to purchase her dress with the money she earned from her 1st babysitting gig. It was so much fun watching her try on at least a dozen or two dresses. She looked so old. I still think of her as my little Emmie rather than teenage Emily.  Jeff said soon she will be asking for the keys to the car. Bite your tongue.

Emily and Alex are ready to go to the dance!
Emily's girl friend Alex went to the dance. This was Alex's 1st dance as well. Her school does not hold dances so it was extra exciting for her. :0)

Emily wore big ol' clunky shoes with an open toe. It was a hoot watching her try to walk in those shoes. After about an hour of intense practice, she got the hang of it! She just about had a cow when I told her not to bee to worried because most girls take off their shoes after they get there! She asked what was the point? She might as well wear her crocs! :0) I am sure that she will have good dreams tonight but very sore feet!

Alex reported that Emily's shoes made it just passed the door and then they were off! They both had a great time.

Marian styling

Emily and friends.
Note Emily is the only one with NO shoes!

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