Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greeting from Spain!

Casa Mayor
Hi all! I am kickin it here in south Spain. Its amazingly beautiful! We are so high in the mountains you can see Africa on a clear day... which we haven't had the opportunity yet. Global climate change has brought insane weather here and its been cold and raining since we arrived Monday night but still pleasurable. We are staying with two lovely birttish folks- deirdre and bill who caretake a not for profit, not money based retreat center in the Malaga Mountains. Its kind of like what the farm desired to be... a space where artists, thinkers and the like can come and heal and create for very little money. Being well fed as well- just this morning Leah and I split a hardboiled goose egg for breakfast! 
Beautiful Leah

Besides the cold, its amazing here. We are even getting used to the cold- I've fallen in love with going to bed with a hot water bottle! Not sure how long we will be here, learning and living tons. Here is the link to our new home away home.

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