Thursday, June 12, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

What a great was had by all! We were dog tired by the time the day ended. It was down right cold when the day started, about 45 degrees. It never really went above 50degress all day and it was cloudy. Kept the crowd down.

The highlight of the day came when the children got to feed the giraffes. We love the giraffes and to get to feed them, WOW! Joseph has never shown and interest before, but this time after watching the girls, he ran up to the feed stand and did it too! I loved it. He lost intrest when he finished and found out that he could not pet them. :0)

My camera malfunctioned and I lost the pictures of the baby gorilla that was born about a month ago. She was cuddling with her Momma right beside the viewing window. Joseph very gently and quietly got right up against the glass and said, "Aw, look at the sleeping baby". The penguins are gone because they are getting new digs. The new attraction is the flamingo's. It is so funny to see these birds in such a cool climate. You know they are wondering what the heck they did to get an assignment here!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. It was hard to select which pictures to use since between Sarah and I we took nearly 200! I think 100 of them were the giraffes.

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