Monday, September 22, 2008

Day one and counting!

I can hardly believe it! We are really driving cross country. The U Haul is way over packed. How in the heck did I pack so much extra things? The kids did great today.
We left later than planned, as per usual but this time with a purpose. We got to meet Heather and Sam for lunch in Hgtn on our way out. It was so good to get just one more hug and kiss before we left!
Our first day we only traveled about 300 miles. At this rate we will pull into Seattle say mid-October! I never realized how much slower we would be traveling with the trailer. We stopped in Evansville, Indiana. Next it is onto St. Louis and hoepfully we will make it to Kansas City...fingers, eyes, toes are all crossed. Joseph had a few moments in the car this afternoon but Sarah Elizabeth wsa able to distract him. She is such the saint.
Will sign off for now. Oh and don't you know that I forgot my camera charge back at the house. :0(

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